Sichuan Pharmaceutical.INC was found in2005, receiving great support from all kinds of governments and friends in allkinds of fields.With the hard work of all employees ,the company completed theconstruction of new production base and was granted GMP certificate at one timein 2006.And it was granted GMP certificate (2010) of Powder injectionpreparation and solid dosage forms in the end of 2013 and in August,2014.

   The company insists on the spirit of “People-oriented, people first”,insistson producing the “Conscience medicine”,serving the society and giving back.Our aim is to build our company as “Chinese professional toantibioticsenterprises of large brand-name” and go global progressively.

   In order to achieve it,our company must ownthe sense of mission,urgency and responsibility. Producing workers shouldbe strict to every part of producing and control the quality well;marketersshould work harder to catch the vendition in every market inChina;support staff should do a full range of services.I believethat if only we work hard together,we could defeat any difficulties.Facing thefierce market competition,our company owns a generous heart towork with friends in the drug field and creat the great future of Chinesemedical practices.