1.Build the talent conception of enterprise.The harmonious and efficient talent team is the foundation of the enterprise development.People Oriented is the premise of the talent managing for the company.Our company advocates the principle of employing that we select the best of the competing offers in a fair and equitable manner to offer the great human resources and intellectual support for the achievement of the Enterprise strategic target.

   2.Build the training system of the enterprise employee.The company set the enterprise culture as the foundation and build the training system applying to all employee.Offer the varity of the carrer development channels and more development opportunity for employee.Creat the diversified training forms such as study discussion and experience sharing in a way of associating the internal training with the external training to make the employee get the improvement and development in the job skills and the professional quality.

   3.Improve the encouraging mechanism for all the employee.The company uses the way of combining performance appraisal,material incentive and moral encouragement together to assure the value embodiment and role models of talents.Encourage the spiritual innovation and job innovation of employee and keep the progressiveness and competitiveness of talents.