The briefing for the annual meeting of marketing center in 2013

    With the step of spring in 2014,The salessummary of 2013 and planning meeting of 2014 of marketing center in Sichuan Pharmaceutical.INC is held in the garden of VillaggioBoutique Hotel on February 14th,2014.The chairman Shen shan,thegeneral manager Chen Jiyuan,the manager of marketing center He Xiaopingand the chief engineer Liu Ping attended to the meeting,and there were alsohundreds of service managers and salesman in this meeting.The chairmangave a warm speech,the manager of the marketing center madethe conclusion of 2013 and the planning report of 2014.

Theexcellent salesman and excellent office of 2013 were commended in themeeting.At 8:00 pm of that day,there was a performance.And in theperformance,the chairman sang a song Stick to the end and shows thespirit of Sichuan Pharmaceutical.INC

In2014,all members in marketing center would continue to perfect the pharmaceutical business,strenghthenthe advantage domain under the lead of the idea “The Three Method” raised bythe chairman and the lead of the manager of marketing center,and would exploreand develop steadily to ahieve the development of enterprise.